What Would Happen to Trump if Both Giuliani and Bolton Were to Testify in the Coming Impeachment Trial?

Donald Trump, the most litigious man ever to sit in the Oval Office, has numerous personal attorneys.


One of them is the notorious Rudy Giuliani, one of several individuals at the center of Trump’s impeachment.


Our New York-based associate solitary reporter, Bob Bosworth, a well-respected Empire State attorney, is certain that Rudy will be disbarred before Trump leaves office.


Rudy is just as loquacious as his client; and guess what, AP fans, he wants to be part of Trump’s legal team as Trump faces trial in the Senate (https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/13/politics/rudy-giuliani-donald-trump-impeachment/index.html).


Ain’t gonna happen, because White House Counsel Pat Cippolone is a far, far better lawyer than Rudy.


On the other hand, if Rudy were to testify in Trump's trial, conviction and removal would be certain (though "Moscow Mitch" McConnell would vote to acquit).


Not only that, but if former National Security Advisor John Bolton — who really, really wants to testify, in part at least to promote his forthcoming book about his time with Trump — because Bolton knows that Trump absolutely, totally bribed vulnerable Ukrainian President Voloymyr Zelensky, just so he could continue to receive, from us, desperately needed military aid to protect his country from constant Russian aggression, fomented, as always, by Vladimir Putin.