Here's How Trump Interprets Kim Jongun's Promise of a "Christmas Present"

The first thing that President Obama told Donald Trump after election day in 2016 was that the nuclear threat from North Korea was worse than ever.


Kim Jong-un, quite possibly the cruelest dictator on earth, has promised Trump a Christmas present this year ( 


Your solitary reporter is a Presbyterian, and not a Catholic; but Pope Francis was totally right in condemning Trump, with respect to his cruel, cruel policies at our Southern border, saying that a person who perpetrates such cruelty “is not a Christian.” 


Given that Trump is not a true Christian, we consulted associate solitary reporter Ko Il-sun, who is based in Seoul, and who has (and we totally don’t know how he managed it) spent a great deal of time in Pyongyang.


ASR Ko tells us that Kim’s Christmas present to Trump will be a missile test in which Kim successfully tests an even more powerful ballistic missile which can reach either Hawaii or our West Coast, with a big big nuke on it.


But since Trump loves Kim, and since Trump has no diplomatic skill at all, and no idea how to run the most powerful country, militarily, in the world, Trump, who has met with Kim no less than three times, probably thinks that Kim’s idea of a Christmas present to him is an immediate denuclearization of his country.


During his most recent visit to Pyongyang, Ko visited Changchung Cathedral, which is, nominally, Roman Catholic.


During the Mass, Ko looked all around to see whether Kim Jongun was there.


He wasn’t.


But Trump’s shadow Secretary of State, Rudy Giuliani, who is Catholic, told Trump that since he (Trump) loves Kim so much, surely, when Kim says he has a Christmas present for him, he must mean that Kim will immediately destroy all his nuclear facilities and, one day later, invite Trump to build a Trump Hotel in Pyongyang, immediately adjacent to Ryongsong Residence, which is a Stalinesque palace where Kim lives.