Last Night's Democratic Presidential Debate; Rudy's Still At It; But Trump's Lost the Evangelicals

Colorado’s Senior Senator, Democrat Michael Bennet, wasn’t on the stage last night in Los Angeles as PBS’ Judy Woodruff very effectively moderated the last Democratic presidential debate of the year.


Nobody from Texas was on the stage, especially Julian Castro.


Back in Texas, Beto O’Rourke wouldn’t tell associate solitary reporter Priscilla Malinowski if he’ll take on the Lone Star State’s senior senator, Republican John Cornyn, who’s up for re-election next year. 


That’s Beto’s bad.


New Jersey’s Junior Senator, Democrat Cory Booker, was back in the Garden State. He wasn’t on the stage either, and he told DNC Chair Tom Perez that that was unfair.


Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Bashar al-Assad’s close personal friend, wasn’t on the stage either, having previously announced that she’s not running for re-election, because she’s already endorsed associate solitary reporter Sam Langford, a long-time resident of the Aloha State.


Andrew Yang was the only person of color on the stage.


Michael Bloomberg, a short 77 year old man who’s worth about 54 billion smackeroolas, was in Gotham. He’s skipping the early states, such as Iowa and New Hampshire, which seemingly subsist on constant media attention every four years (seems it’s all about the money).


This is what associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman and associate solitary reporter Sheila Kenwood, both of whom were in the audience, observed:


Mayor Pete said he is eighteen years old and that he’s the Mayor of a city in Mike Pence’s Indiana.


Mayor Pete got in a tangle with fella Dem Amy Klobuchar. Amy’s sensible enough not to buy into the “Medicare for All” mystique.


Mayor Pete wanted to be elected as the State Treasurer of Indiana but that didn’t work out too well for Pete, and Klobuchar made that very clear.


Mayor Pete also tried to get himself elected as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, but President Obama’s Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez, had other ideas.


Andrew Yang said he knows a lot about math, and that he has a disabled child.


In one of the highlights of the debate, Yang also said he’s older than Mayor Pete.


Tom Steyer said he made a lot of money and that he cares a lot about Mother Earth.


78-year old Bernie Sanders said he’s healthy, and he got real excited. You can’t take the Brooklyn out of Bernie.


Elizabeth Warren, 70, who was at one time a Republican, said she was born in Oklahoma, taught special needs children, and she also said she has three brothers who all served in the military. She neglected to say that she’s the Senior Senator from Massachusetts and that she’s been a Professor at Harvard Law School, where her husband is also a prof.


Klobuchar said her grandfather worked in the iron mines of Minnesota. She scolded Mayor Pete because, unlike herself, Pete has never been elected to state-wide office, and that she has been elected statewide in Minnesota three times, and that she knows how to get good legislation passed. She also said she has taken up temporary residence in Iowa, where she’s not in the top tier, which is where Mayor Pete is.


76-year old Joe Biden said that he was Vice President with President Obama.


Uncle Joe also said he doesn’t know if he would run for a second term if he were to defeat the guy who was extremely intent on wrecking our relationship with Ukraine just to be impolite to Joe.


Joe also said that when he was Vice President he got in fights with the Pentagon on Afghanistan and other stuff. 


One thing Uncle Joe didn’t say was that he used to represent tiny Delaware in the Senate; but he did say that he enjoyed, very much, his friendship with the UK’s Neil Kinnock.


Backstage, Senators Sanders, Warren, and Klobuchar told ASRs Coleman and Kenwood that they are extremely frustrated because next month, Chief Justice Roberts will have them locked up in the Senate and unable to campaign. They'll all be jurors in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and thus will be sequestered per the order of the Chief Justice, in the jury room known as the United States Senate.


For his part, Chief Justice Roberts tolld associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman that he doesn’t mind walking from the Supreme Court Building to the Capitol to preside over Trump’s Trial. “I can use the exercise,” he told Sherman.


Then Coleman and Kenwood, both fervent Trinitarians (but not Unitarians) each said that they’re sending $3 to DNC Chair Tom Perez, with notes saying that last night’s PBS/Politico presidential debate was by far the best ever, with appreciation for the fact that there were only seven candidates on the stage. They also wrote in their notes to Perez that Politico’s Tim Alberta has a sense of humor, a characteristic totally lacking in Donald Trump.


Back in Trump’s White House, Rudy Giuliani told Trump how happy he is that he is Trump’s best dirt-digger, and that he loves being part of an upstart far-right news organization which is so far right that it makes Fox News look like PBS (


But now, Trump’s really gotten his comeuppance from a big big part of his evangelical base: the Editor of Christianity Today , which was founded by superevangelical preacher Billy Graham, has called for his REMOVAL FROM OFFICE (


ASR Sherman was right there when Trump was taken to the nearest psychiatric hospital, but associate solitary reporter Eddie Cook, who is the Chairman of the Denver Republican Party, vainly tried to keep Trump in Bedminster.