Giuliani Enters Guilty Plea On Behalf of His Client

Rudy Giuliani is one of Donald Trump’s very numerous personal attorneys. And he sure needs of lot of lawyers, especially since he’s the most litigious man ever to sit in the Oval Office.


Rudy’s representing Trump free for nothin’.


He went to Ukraine recently to continue digging up dirt on Trump’s political opponents.


The former mayor of Gotham told CNN that Trump has been “very supportive” of his continued efforts to keep going to Ukraine for that purpose, including his most recent trip there (


Rudy knows full well that The Senate will (wrongly) acquit Trump of destroying our country in January, especially since Moscow Mitch is working hand in glove with the White House in preparation for the trial in the Senate.


By sayiing that Trump supports his dirt-digging (as just reported by CNN) Giuliani has, essentially, entered a guilty plea on behalf of his client.


That will make Chief Justice Roberts’ job of presiding over Trump’s impeachment trial ever so much easier.