Fox Corporation Buys the Trumpistic Political Brand; Trump Will Only Allow Fox News Reporters to Cover His Rare Press Conferences

Donald Trump has branded everyone who stands up to him as a traitor, but as a scheming businessman, he made billions by creating his own brand.


Trump and foxy, but never subtle, Fox News, including Fox & Friends, have a symbiotic relationship.


Today, not caring anything about the job he’s supposed to be doing, and having nothing better to do, called Fox & Friends and vented for what his hosts referred to as "stress relief," because he knows he’s gonna be impeached (, and he also knows that Mitch McConnell & Co. will see to it that he is acquitted in the Senate, ‘cause it takes two thirds to convict, which is why Bill Clinton, with help from, got away with the bad stuff that he did with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office (remember folks, the Independent Counsel law was different when Clinton had to go to Bethesda to have his male member inspected in connection with the infamous blue dress).


The only thing our Prevaricator-in-Chief, Donald Trump, knows how to do is to lie and spread disinformation.


For example, when he had his “stress relief” with Fox & Friends today, he continued yelling about a server in Ukraine that was used to hack into the DNC — a theory that nobody believes, and even he doesn’t believe it either, but he knows that his base (where would he be without his angry base?) will suck it up.


And even the hosts at Fox & Friends were incredulouis when Trump said that.


Just goes to show.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones is with Trump much more than Melania is (only, as a gorgeous 25-year old African American woman, she always stays at least twenty-five feet away from him); so Jones very prudently keeps a really close watch on him, and she tells us that any day now, he’ll be hauled off to the nearest psychiatric hospital, where he will be treated for his classic narcissistic personal disorder, his obsessive compulsive disorder, and for being a total slacker on the job.


Jones was with Trump and Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch and his father, Rupert Murdoch, as they signed a five-page contract in which Fox Corporation agreed to purchase the Trumpistic political brand and to broadcast its cruder elements in perpetuity. In return, Trump promised that the only media outlet which he willl allow into his rare press conferences will be Fox News reporters.


In other words, Trump will thus imitate his close personal friend Benjamin Netanyahu, who dispensed favors in bids for improved coverage by Israel’s biggest selling newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, and the Walla website (see


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