Before You Know It, There Won't Be A Foreign Service Any More

Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who regularly feeds choice morsels from the activities and misactivities of Donald Trump to DNC Chair Tom Perez, has suggested to Perez and to us a new moniker for Trump: Prevaricator-in-Chief.


Trump has always been in a bubble of his own making. He’s never been able to see beyond his own self-interest.


The word brash does not come closs to describing him. He cannot exist unless he’s on camera.


And Rudy Giuliani is also way over the top brash,.


Rudy was graduated from law school in 1968.


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, who has practiced law both in the District of Columbia and in the Empire State since 1960, spoke earlier today with his colleague, associate solitary reporter John Trueblood, who is the Chair of the New York State Board of Law Examiners. Trueblood has been a Member of the Board of Law Examiners there since 1963. Trueblood told Coleman that if he had known in 1968, when Rudy applied for admission to the bar, what Rudy would be doing in his many years of law practice, including his representation of Donald Trump since 2017, that Giuliani would never have passed the character aspect required of all candidates for admission to practice law — even though as a young adult, Rudy wanted to become a Catholic priest (just think what Pope Francis would have to say about that…)


Ever since the valid on its face Whistleblower Report was transmitted to Congress on September 26, Trump has paid essentially no attention to matters much less important to him, such as the situation in North Korea, except his Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, has called off previously planned coordinated US-South Korean military training exercises.


Trump has also paid no attention whatsoever to how he plans to deal with the UK after Boris Johnson destroys it early next year; nor has he given the least thought to his next trip even to Bedminister, but he’s given a great deal of thought on how to get his rabid base to petition Congress to pass a constiutional amendment allowing him to serve in his present capacity for the rest of his life.


Trump Jr thinks he knows who the Whistleblower is, and has even told the very few who are really interested who he thinks she is; but your soiltary reporter has told many of his numerous friends that he’s the one, only he’s not, but he does carry a whistle with him at all times of the night and day trying to convince his friends of his apocryphal identity.


Foreign Service Officers are professionals, and they are not Never Trumpers, but that didn’t stop Trump Sr from tweeting that Jennifer Williams, a Foreign Service Officer detailed to former Indiana conservative talk show host Mike Pence’s office, is a Never Trumper (


Williams was on the July 25 call between Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky, and she’ll be giving a deposition on Thursday before the House Intelligence Committee — unless former Wichita Tea Party Congressman Mike Pompeo — who has conspicuously failed to support any of his 13,000 dedicated Foreign Service Office professionals such as Acting Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor Jr. and former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie “Masha” Yovanovich — can abolish the Foreign Service, quick quick.


Our chief investigative reporter, Susanna Sherman, who has magical powers, has spent a great deal of time in the Harry S Truman Building in Foggy Bottom, where Pompeo’s office is, and she tells us that Pompeo has already talked with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) to submit a bill to Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho), the Chairman of McConnell’s Foreign Relations Commiittee, with firm instructions to Risch to draft a bill abolishing the Foreign Service, immediately — but to do so in a closed hearing without notifying Ranking Member Bob Menendez (D-New Jersey).


Sherman confirmed that earlier today when she spoke with Carol Perez, a Foreign Service Officer who is the Director General of the Foreign Service. Perez reports to Pompeo and his subordinates. Before she was posted back to Foggy Bottom, Perez was Ambassador to Chile, and she’s been keeping a close eye, from her perch in Foggy Bottom, on what’s been going on there.