Nikki Haley's Big Big Mistake; What to Expect from Trump's Next Transcript

Nikki Haley wants to be president, but she just blew it.


She was the Republican Governor of South Carolina, and then she, amazingly enough, agreed to be Donald Trump’s Ambassador to the UN, and she left Trump under her own terms, which is very unusual.


But in her forthcoming memoir, With All Due Respect, she says that both then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and then Chief of Staff John Kelly tried to persuade her to subvert Trump “for the sake of the

country” — but she refused (she says).


We here at AP are totally bewildered as to why Haley (1) wrote the memoir (2) backed up Trump.


Maybe she just figures that the weather is better in the Palmetto State than in our Nation’s Capital.


Elsewhere, we hear tell that Trump will soon release details of another call to Ukraine’s very vulnerable president, Volodymr Zelensky; but associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones is on it, and she assures us, as well as DNC Chair Tom Perez, that the transcript was manufactured by KellyAnne Conway and Mick Mulvaney — in other words, whatever’s it’s going to say, it’s fake.