Why the Bay State's Senior Senator Is Happy About Bloomberg's Just-Announced Presidential Run; Bolton, and His Mustache, Make News, Once Again

Michael Bloomberg is the nation’s eighth wealthiest man.


He’s shorter, and older, than 76-year old Joe Biden. And he’s almost as old as Bernie.


Today in Alabama, the Heart of Dixie State, Bloomberg put his name in as a Democratic candidate to defeat his fellow New Yorker, Donald Trump.


Trump is much taller, and heavier, than Bloomberg, but not nearly so wealthy.


And a week from today, he’ll do the same thing in Concord, New Hampshire — the state that, every four years, arrogates to itself the First in the Nation Presidential Primary — and rakes in tons of money from that.


Bloomberg’s emerging campaign strategy is to skip all the early states, and campaign in California, the nation’s most populous state, among many others, including Colorado, which will all weigh in on Super Tuesday. 


Mayor Mike has plenty of his own money to burn in his upcoming presidential campaign, and he’s not boyish-looking like Mayor Pete.


All this makes Oklahoma-born Elizabeth Warren, now the presumptive frontrunner, ecstatic, because the Bay State’s senior senator (who will, come February, have to sit silently as Chief Justice John Roberts presides over Trump’s impeachment trial) has constantly burnished and nurtured her brand with her constant attacks on Wall Street.


That has not escaped the notice of NYSE CEO Sydney Williams III.


Warren’s Medicare for All plan, the details of how she’d pay for which she's finally released to counter Bernie’s even more over the top "government should run our health care system" concept, will cause millions of Democratic voters to think twice about voting for her if she gains the nomination.


Putting on a public face of not being worried by another moderate Dem jumping in, "Uncle Joe" has shrugged off Bloomberg’s entry into the primary race (https://www.politico.com/news/2019/11/08/biden-shrugs-off-bloombergs-potential-bid-068069).


But one great thing going for Mayor Mike is his well-known funding in favor of reasonable gun control — something the GOP will never accept.


Elsewhere, former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s lawyer has stated publicly that his client has a good deal of considerably interesting information about Trump’s dealings in Ukraine (https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/08/politics/john-bolton-lawyer-ukraine-information/index.html; ://www.politico.com/news/2019/11/08/bolton-impeachment-inquiry-068090.


Bolton, always a hawk on foreign policy, is a very good communicator; and every male who sports a mustache congratulates himself on how much better looking he is than Bolton.