Why Trump Called In To Nigel Farage's Radio Talk Show

November 2, 2019


Donald Trump has very limited self-understanding, and cares only about himself, his wealth, his very privileged and unnecessarily wealthy family, and his sense of entitlement to whatever he wants (women, power, the whole deal (pun intended)).


But even though he has very limited self-understanding, with no prior qualifications whatsoever to sit in the Oval Office, he at least knows that he is an unconventional politician.


Politicians are supposed to be nice to people, at least to an extent, but he hasn’t the faintest idea how to do that.


They’re also supposed to be persons of integrity, and in that regard, the man doesn’t have a clue.


He’s attacked the very core of our democracy.


He envies dictators all over the world because of their abilitiies to oppress their own people. Consider Xi Jingpin, Kim Jongun, Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orban, and on and on and on.


Recently, he called into the radio talk show of Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, the man who, with a lot of help from messy-haired Boris Johnson, convinced voters in the UK to leave the European Union — the worst vote taken in the UK in recent memory.


Having fostered and approved and benefited from Putin’s direct interference in our election in 2016, Trump now insists on interfering in the UK’s snap election.


So we texted associate solitary reporter Danielle Packwood, a rising star in the Labour Party, to ask her what the Brexit voters (she was not one of them) think of Trump.


Packwood is a woman who speaks nothing but the Queen’s English, but her response to our question about Trump cannot be printed here.