Associate Solitary Reporter Keith Coleman Explains Why the Washington Nationals Lost Yesterday in the World Series

The Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros are in the World Series.


The outcome of any Green Bay Packers game is much more important to your solitary reporter than whatever happens in the World Series, and yesterday evening, the Packers, led by superstar QB Aaron Rodgers, defeated the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium, 31-24.


The Chiefs fans were, as always, vociferous, and their team almost won, but there was a fumble that Rodgers & Co. capitalized on (and, as usual, the hapless Denver Broncos lost).


So it was of considerablel interest to us here at AP to learn, when opening CNN this morning, that at yesterday’s World Series game, played yesterday in Washington, Donald Trump was booed after it was announced that he and Melania were there, and, even better, the fans chanted “Lock Him Up” — a clear reference to the “Lock Her Up” chants in 2016 at Trump’s rallies when HRC was the Democratic candidate (


The Astros won yesterday’s game, and they lead in the series.


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, a longtime resident of our Nation’s Capital, was at the game, and he texted us to explain why the Astros won yesterday. 


“SR, that’s easy. Anytime Trump goes anywhere, he gets booed. I fail to understand why he ever goes out in public unless he’s at one of his mega-rallies."