How Trump Lied About His Love for Veterans; Plus, More About His Manhattan Gastroenterologist

In 2015 and 2016, Donald Trump ran for the highest office in the land.


He made a lot of noise about how he would greatly improve medical care for our wounded veterans.


Today on Joshua Johnson’s 1A on NPR, Dr. David Shulkin was his guest.


Dr. Shulkin is an Independent, politically, while Trump has hijacked the Republican Party with his constant trade wars, most of which have not been resolved in favor of Trump’s followers.


President Obama appointed Dr. Shulkin as his Under Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Health, and he loyally served in that capacity from 2015 until 2017 .


When Trump waltzed into the Oval Office on January 20, 2017, he decided to nominate Dr. Shulkin as his Secretary of the VA. He was confirmed on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017, 100-0.


It didn’t take long for Dr. Shulkin to figure out that in TrumpWorld, government services are disfavored, and private services are the way to go — in medicine, and in just about everything else.


When a woman or a man is nominated to be a Cabinet Secretary, it is always required that that person sign her or his resignation letter, undated, so that whoever sits in the Oval Office can dismiss them without even bothering to tell her or him.


That’s what happened to David Shulkin on March 28, 2018. Trump’s White House announced that he had resigned, but that was not the case, as he explained on Joshua Johnson’s 1A today.


So when he learned about the White House’s lie, Dr. Shulkin immediately let it be known that he had not resigned voluntarily, but, rather, that he had run afoul of the Trumpistic notion that government services are to be disregarded when it comes to veterans.


Moments ago, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones confronted Trump to ask him whether he still consults with his Manhattan gastroenterologist, Harold Bornstein M.D.


When Trump, while campaigning, insisted that he is the healthiest dude ever to be able to sit in our nation’s Oval Office, Bornstein obliged, with a letter that said just that; and on May 1, 2018, Dr. Bornstein told NBC News that three Trump representatives had raided his office on February 3, 2017, taking all of Trump’s medical records.


Dr Bornstein identified two of the men as Trump’s bodyguard, Keith Schiller, and the Trump Organization’s chief legal officer, Alan Garten.


Two days before the, Bornstein had told a reporter that Trump took a prescription hair growth medicine, Propecia, after which Trump cut ties with him.


You can easily read all about it at:


So when ASR Jones grilled Trump about whether Dr. Bornstein is still his personal physician, Trump told Jones that she is the Very Personification of Fake News; picked her up bodily and threw her out his Oval Office window, where the ACLU ministered to her, as closely observed by our Washington-based associate solitary reporter, Keith Coleman.