Trump's Stonewalling Tactics Are Fully Explained by a Descendant of General "Stonewall" Jackson

Donald Trump has declared war on Congress.


He's a mean-mouthed, brash, undisciplined, paranoid, delusional narcissist. He clearly puts his own interests, such as the possiblity of a second or a third or fourth term, ahead of the nation’s.


This was especially true yesterday after he instructed his White House Counsel, Pat Cipollone, to tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the chairs of the three House Committees which are investigating Trump’s many crimes and misdemeanors, that there will be absolutely no cooperation between the White House and the House of Representatives.


This, after former Wichita Tea Party Congressman Mike Pompeo told superwealthy Trump campaign donor Gordon Sondland, Trump’s Ambassador to the EU, not to testify yesterday in Congress, at the last minute. Sondland is a key witness in the Ukraine Scandal.


And former South Carolina Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy, a bulldog, is ready to go to war against the Dems as outside counsel for Trump.


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Yesterday, on the PBS News Hour with Judy Woodruff, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, were interviewed by Woodruff.


HRC nailed it when she characterized Trump’s misshapen personality. That, after our Twitterer-in-Chief tweeted that she should run against him. And she told Woodruff that she knows she could beat him — all true.


So, after watching “Skip” Gates’ weekly "Finding Your Roots" show on PBS, we decided to ask associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones about her family history.


Turns out that ASR Jones is a descendant of General “Stonewall” Jackson, whose military prowess on behalf of the Confederacy nearly won the Confederacy a clear victory over the Unon in the Civill War (Stonewall was shot by friendly fire in 1863 and died ten days later, before Gettysburg; some military historians think that if he been with Lee at Gettysburg, Lee might’ve won).


Jones, who, as a mole for DNC Chair Tom Perez, is embedded in the White House, is a first hand witness to the very obvious stonewalling that Trump & Co. are engaged in.


Given that senators such as Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are part of the pro-Trump anti-impeachment yelling crowd, looks like Trump will be not be convicted by Mitch McConnell’s Republican majority in the Senate.


‘Cause it takes a two-thirds vote in the Senate to convict.


That is, unless the GOP senators take their job seriously.