Xi Jing-ping to Associate Solitary Reporter Ko Il-sun: "Hell No! I won't do Trump's dirt-digging!"

Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky, an entertainer like Donald Trump, wasn’t good enough.


Now Trump wants China’s Xi Jing-ping to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.


Last time we looked, China has a very powerful military, which Xi put on full display on Tuesday, China’s National Day, commemorating when Mao Zedong and his comrades marched into Beijing in 1949, after they whupped Chiang Kai-shek, after they whupped the Japanese.


We musnt’t forget that Mao famously said that political power comes from the barrel of a gun.


Your solitary reporter (who pretends to speak Chinese whenever he visits a Chinese restaurant) visited Beijing in 1988, one year before Tien An Men, and was shown Mao’s Mausoleum, right there in Tian An Men Square, and got lost in the nearby Palace Museum (that’s where the emperors held forth), and was feted in the Great Hall of the People.


As soon as Trump said that China should investigate the Bidens, we dispatched associate solitary reporter Ko Il-sun, who is based in Seoul, to Beijing to ask Xi whether he would try to make a deal with Trump over Trump’s idiotic trade war, by talking Xi into digging up nonexistent dirt on the Bidens.


Ko, of course, is fluent in Chinese, and when he asked Xi about Trump’s demand about the Bidens, Xi’s response was immediate: “Yiding buxing! (“Hell no!”).