Schiff Tells Associate Solitary Reporter Sherman Where The Whistleblower Will Be Questioned, But This Is Top Secret, Don't Tell Anyone

Our increasingly large corps of associate solitary reporters has been compelled to be ready at every moment for the next dramatic revelation in the Impeachment Process.


Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, who is a real expert in both overt and covert investigations and operations, has been keenly aware of the importance of protecting The Whistleblower, whose lawyers have told House Intel Committee Adam Schiff that she or he is willing to speak under oath.


But where? 


It couldn’t possibly be in the Capitol, could it? How to protect a person whom Donald Trump wants to destroy?


ASR Sherman just broke into our ruminations by telling us that the best possible venue would be for the House Intelligence Committee — but only the Democratic members of it — to steal away in the middle of the night and meet with The Whistleblower in a place nobody in TrumpWorld would even consider.




Schiff was in a real hurry to get back to his office and be ready for the cameras, as always, so he swore Sherman to the utmost secrecy,


Which is why we couldn’t wait to tell you about it.