Moscow Mitch Pulls Plug on Previous Plan to Pull a Merrick Garland; Muzzling Rudy; Zelensky's Full-Blown Obsequiousness with Trump

September 30, 2019


Seems Moscow Mitch won’t do his Merrick Garland trick after all when it comes to the soon-to-be convened impeachment trial in the Senate, even though that’s what we reported on this morning (;


Maybe Mitch realizes that he would have zero chance of being re-elected next year if he were to pull a Merrick Garland. 


And Mitch, who is thoroughly evil, but not so bad as Donald Trump, knows full well that more and more Republicans and Independents favor an impeachment inquiry, because the need for it is so overwhelming, as reported today by CNN.


Ever since the long-ago dawn of our nation, whistleblowers have been protected against retaliation.


That’s one of the many things Donald Trump simply doesn’t get, because now he wants to confront The Whistleblower, who will soon be testifying before Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-California) (


No wonder AOC fears for the Whistleblower’s life.


Ranking Intel Committee Member Devin Nunes, one of Trump’s most conspicuous toadies, will also be grilling The Whistleblower, but he’ll fall flat on his face, because that’s what he routinely does.


Not only that, Joe Biden’s flagging presidential campaign wants all the networks to agree NOT to put Trump’s Shadow Secretary of State, Personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani, in front of any of their cameras. Makes perfect sense to us because Rudy’s just a blowhard and he’s almost as good at lying as his client.


Last week, as the whole world watched, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, sat next to Trump at the UN.


Our chief international correspondent, associate solitary reporter Larry Theis, and Moscow-based associate solitary respondent Foma Kheroshonsky, were there with all the other hundreds of journalists.


They both noticed that Zelensky was obseqious and fawning with Trump (note: Zelensky’s English is better than Trump’s) as he specifically mentioned that he loves staying at Trump’s International Hotel, only two stones’ throws from the White House, whenever he comes begging to the US for his desperately needed military aid. 




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Not only that, but McConnell, though thoroughly evil (only not so bad as Trump) is well aware that more and more Republicans and Independents favor an impeachment inquiry, because the need for it is so obviously overwhelming (