Trump Is Trumped by 16-Year Old at the UN; Boris Is Stranded on Crete; Colorado GOP Leader Blames Broncos' Loss on Democratic Governor

Today, the United Nations is holding its vaunted Climate Action Summit.


That’s where 16-year old Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg spoke, in great passion and in much anger, against world leaders who talk but don’t do (


Donald Trump showed up at the UN today also, but only long enough to continue his unfair attacks against Joe Biden.


But according to our chief international correspondent, associate solitary reporter Larry Theis, Trump also went seriously off message by announcing that his close personal friend, Ukraine’s president, Володи́мир Олекса́ндрович Зеле́нський

(Volodymyr Oleksandrovych  Zelenskyy) has agreed that his highly conflicted nation will become the 51st American State, now that Trump can’t have his way with Greenland and Denmark.


And across The Pond, the UK’s PM, frenzied and panicked Boris Johnson, was, according to associate solitary reporter Danielle Packwood, stranded on Crete when 178-year old Thomas Cook & Co. suddenly declared bankruptcy, partly because Johnson’s Brexit made it nearly impossible for the once-vaunted travel agency to survive (


Not only that, but all around Metro Denver, fans of the Denver  Broncos are in deep mourning.


That’s because yesterday at Lambeau Field (home of the famous Ice Game of 1967, when, in a total Deep Freeze in late December, Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers defeated Tom Landry's Dallas Cowboys, 21-17, to win the NFL Championship), the Packers whipped the hapless Denver Broncos, 27-16.


In Colorado, faith in the Broncos is considered more important than anything.


According to Denver GOP Chairman and associate solitary reporter Eddie Cook, Republican State Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert blamed the Broncos’ devastating loss on Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat. 


“Polis wants Kindergarten for All, and he’s only 44,” the 58-yea old Holbert told ASR Cook. “And hapless Broncos quarterback Joe Flacco couldn’t do hardly anything to help.”


“Joe’s 34, and he’s all washed up, so he should go to Polis’ kindergarten and start over again.”


Holbert, as a Republican, is part of the cabal being orchestrated to recall Democratic State Senators. The Republicans have fallen flat on their faces by having to withdraw their recall petitions against Gov. Polis and against Democratic State Senators Brittany Petterson and Pete Lee.


“Now,” Holbert told ASR Cook, "I’m afraid my own Republican colleagues will try to recall me because I messed up so bad in trying to flip the Senate."