Why a Democrat Will Easily Carry Michigan and Its 16 Electoral "College" Votes Next Year

In 2016, Donald Trump received 10,704 votes more than Hillary did in Michigan, a tradtionally blue state, or less than one percent. But Hillary beat him real bad in the popular vote, and Trump has never been popular with any sensible people.


But in 2018, Dems in Michigan did much better, and they now hold all state-wide offices, and the Trump campaign knows full well that it will lose the Wolverine State next year (https://www.politico.com/story/2019/09/22/trump-campaign-michigan-reelection-1507282).


Associate solitary reporter Mustafa Azar is the Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, and he just texted us saying that whomever the Dems nominate to run against Trump (other than grumpy and way too old Bernie Sanders, who isn’t even a Democrat) is sure to carry Michigan, putting it fully back in the Dem fold.