Newsom, Becerra Are Sure to Defeat Trump on California's Fuel Standards

Donald Trump cares only about himself.


And about undoing anything that President Obama ever did.


Trump has denied California, our most populous State, the ability to regulate fuel standards for automobiles.


That, after four major automobile manufacturers have made essential agreements with California, in support of its efforts.


Caliifornia leads the way in fighting climate change.


Trump is a climate change denier, egged on by GOP Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma.


Trump sure does not like Latinos, and the California Republic's Attorney General is Xavier Becerra, who has vowed to fight Trump in court.


Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, who knows a lot about California, says Becerra’s fight against Trump is sure to prevail.


Trump’s personal attorney, William Barr, is threatening antitrust prosecutions against California (


Go figure.