Mongolian President Won't Accept Bolton As Trump's Ambassador; Bolton to Sell His Tell-All Book to Breitbart News or The National Enquirer

Tucker Carlson of Fox "News" is one of Donald Trump’s best friends there, and it was Carlson who played a decisive role in Trump’s decision to fire Hawk-in-Chief John Bolton, Trump’s third National Security Advisor, after soon-heading-to-prison Michael Flynn and H R McMaster — read all about it at


Trump, ever the king of grandiosity, invited the Taliban to meet with him secretly in Camp David, but Bolton was against that, and he rightly didn’t like Trump’s stunt of walking five steps into North Korea with his close personal friend Kim Jongun; so our chief international correspondent, associate solitary reporter Larry Theis, speculates that maybe it was Bolton who leaked word of the secret meet.


When Trump met with Kim Jongun in Hanoi, Trump’s second Secretary of State, former Wichita Tea Party Congressman Mike Pompeo, was with him, but Bolton was not; instead, Bolton was sent to Mongolia.


That reminded us of when J Edgar Hoover ran the FBI for forty-eight years, and when J Edgar wanted to humiliate one of his minions, he would send him to Butte, Montana, a mining town where it gets really cold in the winter.


Mongolia’s President, Battulga Khaltmaa, is 56, and he is a member of the Mongolian Democratic Party, and we’re not making that up.


President Battulga came to prominence in his land-locked country as a world champion in Sambo, “self-defense without weapons,” a Soviet martial art.


So ASR Theis spoke moments ago with President Battulga, who told him, “Bolton’s a loser. He just sat in my waiting room picking his nose and pouting that Trump wouldn’t let him stick a knife into Kim Jongun’s side.”


“So, Larry,” Battulga continued, “when Pompeo called me only an hour ago to tell me that Trump wants to send Bolton to me as his ambassador, I said, Mike, no deal unless Bolton agrees to wrestle me.”


Bolton could not be reached for comment on President Battulga’s offer, but he did tell associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones that he’ll sell his tell all book to either Breitbart News or The National Enquirer.