Biden Comes in Third in Politico Poll from New Hampshire; Schumer & Co. Blasted by Denver Dems for Endorsement of HIckenlooper

New Hampshire, the Granite State, is very small, but anybody who wants to be President of our exceptional country has to enter the First in the Nation Presidential Primary.


That means they have to traipse through the snow and ice way up north so they can show up in virtually every town in New Hampshire. 


New Hampshire has two hundred twenty-one towns and thirteen cities.


New Hampshire has only two Representatives in the U S House of Representatives, but in 1952, it arrogated to itself the bizarre First In the Nation Presidential Primary, but it is very unrepresentative of the U S population as a whole; yet every media outlet in the world follows the candidates, thus bringing millions and millions of dollars into the Granite State’s coffers. Only one person can set the date for New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Presidential Primary, and that is its Secretary of State.


How many Members of the U S House of Representatives does California have? 


That’s right: California has fifty-three Congresspersons in the U S House of Representatives, including veteran Democrat and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — who’s having a heck of a time with some in her Conference.


Pelosi knows full well that Senate Majority Leader Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr. and his close personal Republican friends in the Senate would never vote to convict Donald Trump if the House were to vote to impeach him.


Of course, Trump has an insurance policy known as former Indiana conservative talk show host Mike Pence.


If Pence were to get himself in the Oval Office, he would replace our Meteorologist-in-Chief, but Pence would be our Theocrat-in-Chief, as Trump shrewdly picked him as his insurance policy so he could get the evangelicals’ votes.


Trump got those votes even though he’s now with Trophy Wife Number Three, an immigrant, even though Trump doesn’t like immigrants, especially if they are brown or black, and he has said that the land of Lady Liberty is “full."


Your solitary reporter has property in Northern New Hampshire, but he does not live there, and thus doesn’t get to meet presidential candidates. Instead, he practices retail politics in the Centennial State.


Yesterday, New Hampshire Democrats met in their State Convention in Manchester, New Hampshire’s largest city, which is only fifty-one miles from Boston.


Politico did a poll of one hundred leading New Hampshire Democrats — who attended the State Convention — as to their preferences among the nineteen Democratic presidential candidates who showed up to give their stump speeches. That included Montana Governor Steve Bullock, the only Democratic Governor still running for President, after former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Washington State’s Governor, Jay Inslee, dropped out. Colorado’s Senior Senator, Michael Bennet, a moderate Democrat, is still in the mix.


The nineteen Democratic presidential candidates who spoke yesterday in Manchester include billionaire Tom Steyer and retired U.S. Navy Admiral and former Congressman Joe Sestak.


Sestak represented Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District from 2007 to 2011 and was the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in 2010. Sestak lost to Republican Pat Toomey, on whose behalf the Club for Growth poured two million dollars. Toomey won.


Joe Biden came in third; and Bernie (who is too old and too grouchy) and Elizabeth Warren both came out ahead of Biden, in Politico’s poll of the one hundred most dedicated New Hampshire Democrats. See


As Jessica LaMontague, a New Hampshire Dem who voted for Bernie in 2016 said, “I think Bernie’s a little too old and grumpy."


Associate solitary reporter Dan Madison, who lives in Albany, New Hampshire (population 735 in the 2010 census), close to Madison, New Hampshire (population 2,502 in the 2010 census) was among the superactive New Hampshire Democrats polled by Politico. ASR Madison said he might vote for Bernie, who isn’t even a Democrat, but that Warren did fine and that Biden would be ever so much better than Trump.


NYSE CEO Sydney Williams III, a native of Peterborough, New Hampshire, and a dear friend of your solitary reporter, did not attend the New Hampshire State Democrats’ Convention. Williams is, in addition to being the CEO of the NYSE, the Head of School of Alma Academy in Easthampton, Massachusetts.


Williams would be a far, far better president than the boob who’s in there now. Williams is extremely well-read, but Trump doesn’t read, he just watches Fox News, hits a little white ball around on any of his numerous golf courses, and lies nearly every time he says anything.


Yesterday, at the biennial meeting of Denver Democrats’ Central Committee, your solitary reporter spoke in favor of a resolution criticizing the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (led by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer) for endorsing former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper in the U S Senate race. Hick lives in your solitary reporter’s precinct, and he said, while still running for president, that he’s not cut out to be a Senator.


There are ten other Democrats vying for the right to go against Colorado’s junior senator, Cory Gardner, who is part of Mitch McConnell & Company.