Trump's Sharpie Disaster

Donald Trump is intent on making a mark on history, and one of his primary tools for doing that is by means of his deceitful use of a Sharpie Marker.


Trump would rather be playing golf at one of his luxury resorts, but when he’s not doing that or haranguing Democrats for not bending to his will, he stands or sits in his Oval Office and uses a Sharpie to show his voters that Hurricane Dorian would inevitably touch down on a large swath of Alabama.


In fact, we already reported on that ( (12th paragraph).


Nobody in his administration except for his Acting Homeland Security Secretary, Kevin McAleenan, supported him as to the projected path of Hurricane Dorian in Alabama (, as he dismissed everything the media truthfully said, as Fake News.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones confronted Trump early this morning to call him out, but Trump rudely told her to go back to DNC Chair Tom Perez and stay there.