The UK's Chief Bully's Always Bad Hair Day; Williamson on Dorian; Trump Loses Another GOP Congressman

In Parliament today, the United Kingdom’s Chief Bully, Boris Johnson (who is a close personal friend of Donald Trump) suffered his third major defeat in 24 hours.


Boris is a big big risk-taker. For starters, he’s risking economic and social dislocation in Queen Elizabeth II’s Kingdom worse than any danger to the UK since Hitler’s Blitzkrieg during World War II.


No wonder that protests have erupted all over her Kingdom, especially in London, as well as in Scotland, since Scottish voters did NOT want to leave the EU.


Don’t be too very surprised if Scotland leaves the UK next time it has the chance; and what about Wales and Cornwall and Northern Ireland?


Whatever happened to Rule Britannia! Britannia Rules the Waves?


Boris intentionally undermined his predecessor, the very beleaguered Theresa May.


Like Trump, all Boris really cares about is himself. He’s a menace.


Our London-based associate solitary reporter, Danielle Packwood, the Labour MP from Vauxhall, was at Jeremy Corbyn’s side today as he lambasted Johnson.


Though Corbyn may be the UK’s version of Senator Bernie Sanders (who’s not even a Democrat), many astute observers in the UK have noted that wily Boris might just win the snap election he so desperately wants, but which he may not get.


As we have noted previously in these pages, Boris’ hair style looks as though he had just stuck his head in the toilet. In other words, he don’t care.


Maybe unboring Boris should go to the police and see if he can sample some of the heroin that was seized in his country today (


In other news, Trump claimed that he (not He) had ordered Hurricane Dorian to slam large portions of Alabama so the Heart of Dixie State's first Dem Senator in many years, Doug Jones (who faces a tough re-election fight next year) would look bad (


And Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson retracted her tweet about how prayer and mindfulness could keep Dorian from Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia. We here at AP refer to Williamson as the Woo-Woo Lady.


Trump is very unhappy that the FIFTH Texas Republican Congressman, Bill Flores, has announced that he’s not running for re-election.


That Group of Five includes the Lone Star State’s only black Republican Congressman, Will Hurd, whose sprawling District has a five hundred fifty mile border with the country that Trump promised would pay for his Wall.