Boris Johnson's Coup, And What Associate Solitary Reporter and Labour MP Danielle Packwood Is Doing About It

Russia has Putin, China has Xi, North Korea has Kim Jongun, Hungary has Viktor Orban, Brazil has Bolsonaro, the US has Donald Trump, and the UK has Boris Johnson.


Take note, none of these is a woman.


On June 23, 2016, 51.9% of voters in the UK said they wanted their nation to leave the European Union. The pro-exit campaign was marred by numerous dirty tricks led by isolationalists such as Trump’s friend Nigel Farage.


The UK's PM, Boris Johnson, in office only five weeks after undermining Theresa May, has pulled a fast one.


From his Residence at Ten Dowming Street, Johnson spent the early morning hours messing up his hair so it wil look, as usual, as though he had just stuck his head in a toilet.


He asked his Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, to prorogue — that is, to suspend — Parliament — a very unusual move which has been described by most sensible people in the UK as a coup.


That’s because Boris, always a strong Brexiteer, wants a hard Brexit on All Saints’ Day, October 31, when millions of young American boys and girls (and even some adults) will go door to door, demanding treats, wearing hideous Donald Trump masks.


The UK’s heading for a very uncomfortable Hard Brexit; it will surely mean chaos there.


A hard Brexit on Halloween’s Day would require Johnson to demand that Trump build a Trumpian Wall between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Since the Brexit vote, Parliament has wrestled with just how to leave the EU, among factionalism and backstabbing, none of which leaves the Queen’s England looking at all pretty.


Contrast this with the England described in 1595 by Shakespeare in Richard II, Act !!, Scene 1:


This royal throne of kings,

This scept’red isle

This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,

This other Eden, demi paradise…

This blessed plot

This England….


In England, kings and queens used to rule, but these days the UK is a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II occupying a largely ceremonial role, but she still does have a small number of royal prerogatives, and one of them is to prorogue, or suspend, Parliament, and yesterday she did that at Johnson’s request.


Enter associate solitary reporter Danielle Packwood, the rising star Labour MP from Vauxhall. Packwood is a strong supporter of repealing Brexit.


Early this morning, ASR Packwood, who is always very persuasive, announced that she had forged an agreement with Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn to offer a vote of no confidence in Johnson, requiring a snap election, in which, as she tells us, she is very confident that she will be able to win a referendum calling for the end of Brexit so that people in the United Kingdom will be free to enjoy the benefits of open trade with the other 27 members of the EU.


Packwood credits her success in strategizing to having volunteered for a month here in the USA in 2016 as a volunteer for the Hillary Clinton for President campaign in Colorado. Packwood was instrumental in Colorado voting solidly Blue and against Trump in 2016.