Why Trump Is Now Going After Andrew Yang

In the Age of Trump (a.k.a. The Age of Hightened Anxiety), the Democratic National Committee has allowed twenty Democratic candidates for president to get on the debate stage — and we political junkies have yet to see Tom Steyer, Mr. Impeach Trump.


Yesterday evening, your solitary reporter watched the second night of the CNN Jake “The Lead” Tapper Debate Show, much of which was designed by its producers to increase CNN’s ratings. CNN is in danger of losing ground to Fox Anti-News in the Ratings Game.


The solitary reporter watched the Show with his fellow Denver resident, associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson, as they prepared to celebrate Colorado Day today.


At the outset, as in Tuesday’s debate, Tapper (who, along with Dana Bash and Don Lemon, all CNN superstars) outlined the Rules for the debate — because people who have the gumption and drive to take the trouble to run for President of the United States know that they have to shine in front of the cameras to grab a breakout moment. That’s why most of them interrupt each other and talk over each other (especially Kamala Harris and Cory Booker as they flanked Uncle Joe).


As anyone who has watched the Debates knows, the candidates always break the rules, to a greater or lesser extent, depending on how desperate each candidate is, in pursuit of Their Moment of Glory, as they continue to press their individual efforts to force Donald Trump to confess, on November 3, 2020, that he will have lost the confidence of America’s sensible voters.


As all the pundits knew ahead of time, the modus operandi for all nine candidates on the stage last night in Detroit was to attack Joe Biden fast and hard, to knock him off center stage, as he has consistently led in the all-important polls (he’s still ahead, despite being too old).


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with our Racist-in-Chief as he watched the debate at his New Jersey resort, Bedminister.


“Johanna,” Trump fulminated, as soon as he saw entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrew Yang show up on the stage, not wearing a necktie.


“That guy’s never run for public office before — what the hell does he think he’s doing there?”


“But Sir, that describes you as well, prior to your descent on your Trump Tower escalator, with Melania, wearing a white dress, ahead of you, in June 2015, when you called most Mexicans trying to come here criminals and rapists.”


Trump ignored ASR Jones’ comment and said, “Look at all those Democrat bozos on the stage! Three women, two of them women of color; one black loser from Newark, and a Chinese guy from New

York — and a tall guy who’s the Mayor of New York City who hates my guts more than any of them, and who wants all American workers to be Union members!”


Jones had to calm Trump down so she could better understand his coming attack on Andrew Yang.


“Bannon and Richard Spencer are right! The only kind of American who should ever run for the highest office in the land is a white man, preferably a white nationalist!"