Two Perps, Epstein and Nader; Meet the British Socialite Who Connected Epstein With Trump

Donald Trump’s superwealthy friend Jeffrey Epstein is in jail after a judge rightly decided that he’s a flight risk as he prepares to be proven guilty of sex trafficking and serious abuse of minors.


Epstein was connected to Trump by British heiress Ghislaine Maxwell (


A key witness in Robert Mueller’s investigation is George Nader, and he’s in trouble too over sexual abuse allegations:


Nader (not related to Ralph Nader) was born in Lebanon, and he has often served as a backchannel guy who offers to connect UAE and other Arab leaders with Trump.


When associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman spoke with Nader early this morning, he told her that he’ll be closely observing Mueller’s reluctant Congressional testimony on Wednesday, and that he’ll be happy to turn state’s evidence if only FBI Christopher Wray will listen to him.


And our London-based associate solitary reporter, Danielle Packwood, learned only moments ago that Brexit-crazy Boris Johnson has no chance whatesoever of being elected Leader of the Conservative Party.


“Jeremy Hunt is a much cooler head,” Packwood told us.