What We Were Hoping Pence Would Do in New Hampshire

Donald Trump, the King of Grandiosity, is addicted to himself. He can’t even get out of bed without having tweeted how wonderful he is and without issuing endless rants against Democrats and anybody else who’s crossed him.


New Hampshire has an opiod crisis, and former Indiana conservative radio talk show host Mike Pence was supposed to be there today for an opioid crisis roundtable.


Then he cancelled, and nobody knows why.


Associate solitary reporter Dan Morton, who covers all things New Hampshire for us, was hoping that Pence would urge everyone in the Granite State to abolish the ridiculous every four year New Hampshire “First in the Nation” presidential primary.


Nothing doing there, but Pence did snarl at Morton, saying that New Hampshire is the best state in the nation for presidential candidates to make fools of themselves (after Iowa of course) by snowshoeing through the snow in the middle of winter to reach coffee shops in small towns to talk with three or four people at a time — none of whom is a person of color.


Associate soitary reporter Johanna Jones is reasonably sure that Pence insisted on staying in Washington so he could help Trump assemble hundreds of tanks on Constitution Avenue for the Fourth of July Parade so he can imitate his friends Kim Jung-un and Vladimir Putin.