At Camp David, Trump Says He Wants to Make Iran (and North Korea) Great Again

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Donald Trump is convinced beyond all unreasonable doubt that he is The Center of the Universe.


Which means he can do anything he wants and that he can say whatever he wants, no matter the consequences.


As he was driving around this morning in the Mile HIgh City, associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson was listening to NPR (one of the few news sources worth listening to).


Thompson distinctly heard NPR reporters say that Trump was huddled with his advisers at Camp David, tryihg to figure out what to do about Iran.


Having said yesterday that Iran’s destruction of a US drone might have been ordered by a rogue Iranian general, now he says it was intentional.


But from Camp David (while wishing he were hitting golf balls at Bedminister), Trump said that what Iran really wants is to make itself great again.


Trump knows nothing about history. He’s totally ignorant that Persia (شاهنشاهی ایران‎) was the predominant Middle East power from the sixth century Before the Common Era to the twentieth century of the Common Era.


That’s why Iran’s Supreme Leader, سید علی حسینی خامنه‌ای‎ (Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei) told Teheran-based associate solitary reporter Aziiz Ahmed, moments ago, that Iran/Persia will make itself great again at a time of its own choosing, no matter what Trump does or doesn’t do.


Khamenei also told ASR Ahmed that after January 20, 2021, Trump will be out of office.


Not only that, but North Korea’s dictator, 김정은 (Kim Jongun), just told Seoul-based associate solitary reporter Ko Il-sun that once he tricks Trump into ordering all US armed forces out of South Korea, Korea will be unified for the first time since 1910 and that, therefore, Korea will then be greater than it has ever been.