Bibi Names Illegal Golan Settlement Trump Heights; Trump Livid at Bigtime Leak by Pollsters

It is a truth universally acknoledged that Donald Trump is vain.


He’s formed an unholy alliance with Bibi, whose wife has just pled guilty to what amounts to vicarious official corruption.


Bibi’s struggling to stay in power in Israel.


So what does Bibi do to continue flattering Trump?


He’s named a tiny Israeli settlement in the Golan Heights, which Israel has occupied since 1967, after Trump. It’s called Trump Heights. All because Trump, defying international norms, has “recognized” Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights (


Back home, Trump threw a hissy fit at several pollsters after major leaks of internal Trump campaign polls showed Trump is way behind Joe Biden in several key states that flipped from blue to red in 2016 (


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones saw Trump’s face turn bright red as he fired the pollsters.