Pelosi Explains Her Pragmatic Approach to Impeachment

Donald Trump is in France honoring the ultimate sacrifices made by thousands of American, British, and Canadian soldiers seventy-five years ago yesterday at Omaha Beach on D-Day.


From the grounds of the American Cemetery in Normandy, our Vilifier-in-Chief, who spuriously got himself medically excused from going to Vietnam, called Speaker Nancy Pelosi "a nasty woman" (cf.;


That’s a word Trump likes to use with respect to women, like the Duchess of Sussex and Pelosi, when they criticize him.


Trump, who clearly obstructed justice, as carefully delineated by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller III, is being yelled at every day by Congressional Democrats and Democratic presidential candidates, and Pelosi, a much more seasoned and much more mature politician than Trump, knows that Trump’s GOP friends in the Senate would never vote for impeachment


And if Trump were to be convicted by the Senate, then we would have a theocrat in the Oval Office, namely, former conservative radio talk show host Mike Pence, who says he sees no reason for impeachment.


But Trump’s mad because Pelosi — the daughter of former Baltimore Mayor and former Maryland Democratic Congressman Tom D’Alesandro and Annunciata Lombardi D’Alesandro —  says she wants to see Trump in prison if he ever leaves the White House.


Makes sense to us here at AP.


Associate solitary reporter Danielle Packwood, who is based in London, travels in Europe frequently, and she is fluent in Italian (the only language Trump speaks is Trumpese).


So she called Pelosi and, in fluent Italian, asked her, “Hai problemi a gestire la tua conferenza democratica molto indisciplinata?" ("Are you having a little trouble dealing with your very restive Conference?")


Pelosi’s response was quick and to the point: ”Si, sicuramente sto avendo problemi con loro. Tutti vogliono entrare davanti alle telecomere!” ("Yes, I sure am, they just wanna get in front of the cameras”).


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones tells us that on his way back from Europe, Trump’s gonna fly straight to highly polluted Mexico City to go mano a mano with AMLO over his demand that Mexico do what little it can to keep impoverished Central Americans from trying to get to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or California.


Associate solitary reporter Sylvania Juguete, who is based in Jalisco, will cover the impending fistfight, which AMLO is sure to win.