Denver's Mayor Is Running for President Against Buttigieg and de Blasio and Lots of Other Dems

As we reported yesterday, New York City’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio, is the 23rd prominent Democrat to announce that he wants to defeat Donald Trump next year, but doesn’t have a chance (ttps://


Denver’s all-important municipal election will conclude on June 4, with a runoff between pro-development incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock and another Democrat, first-time candidate Jamie Giellis, who came in second in the first round on May 7.


Giellis, who is also pro-development but has promised to protect the Mile High City’s parks better than Hancock has, has received the endorsements of two other good Dems who didn’t make the run-off, first time candidate Lisa Calderon and your solitary reporter’s candidate, longtime state legislator Penfield Tate. Calderon came in third and Tate came in fourth in the first round.


South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is also in the race, and he’s become something of a rock star on the campaign trail, so we assume that de Blalsio, who entered way too late, must have felt entitled to run because New York is ever so much bigger than South Bend, which, with a population just over 101,000, is the 301st largest city in the US, while Gotham is America’s largest city, with a population of 8,175,000.


Associate solitary reporter Brianna Worthington, who supports Giellis, confronted Hancock at a recent town hall to criticize him for financing his campaign with millions from developers.


But Hancock, who really knows how to work a crowd and how to defuse critics, took Worthington aside and whispered in her ear.


“Brianna, you’re the first to know, so don’t tell anybody, but I’m really bored with being mayor and being sniped at all the time, so tomorrow, I’m announcing that I’m running for president.”


Worthington hugged Hancock, knowing that his departure from the race gurantees victory for Giellis.