Trump's Lovefest With Dictators, Viktor Orban Edition

With the exception of Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, Donald Trump has yet to meet a dictator he doesn’t like.


Today, Trump hosted Hungary’s Viktor Orban: 


If you go to the link, you can let us know which man, Trump or Orban, is the uglier. 


Orban has closed his borders to desperate Syrian refugees, whom he calls “Muslim invaders,” and he likes to boast that he's protecting Christians from, well, the Muslim hordes.


Orban loves Trump, and he also loves Trump’s Brazilian counterpart, Jair Bolsonaro.


President Obama avoided any public appearances with Europe’s worst xenophobe.


Trump would like to be a dictator of the USA, but he’s often frustrated by judges who rule against him (and whom he then trashes) and by unTrumpian Republicans like Sen. Mitt Romney.


Our chief international correspondent, associate soitary reporter Larry Theis, is on the lookout for the next dictator to be favored with a photo-op in the White House. Theis thinks it’s likely to be whichever Sudanese general ends up running that beleaguered nation, where protests against military rule are still taking place even after Omar al-Bashir was ousted by his own generals.


But then, we reminded Theis of the special word which Trump likes to use about Africa. 


In French, it would be something like “merde trou” or "trou noir."