How Easy Would It Be for Xi Jingping to Send Trump Into Faraway Space?

In a dorm at Harvard College, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes, both smart guys and facing each other, started an internet revolution called Facebook.


That was long after your solitary reporter more or less enjoyed his freshman year at Harvard College in its Yard while living for a year in Wigglesworth Dorm.


Hughes is very wealthy, he’s a Democrat and a fervent 2016 supporter of Hillary Clinton, and he wants Donald Trump to face the fact that our Liar-in-Chief is a dire threat to the American way of life.


Mr. Hughes has now written an oped in the Times saying the time has come to break up Zuckerberg’s monopoly:


Zuckerberg is not so rich as Jeff Bezos because Amazon’s founder is the world’s richest person.


Bezos has a secret project to get people to the moon so they can work there. Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman has recently seen the Damien Chazelle Oscar contender First Man, a biopic about famed astronaut Neil Armstrong, but when she asked Bezos, Zuberberg, and Hughes whether they had seen it, Bezos told her that First Man is the most exciting film he’s ever seen.


Our chief international correspondent, associate solitary reporter Larry Theis, has been closely monitoring Trump’s Trade War against Xi Jingping. During his most recent visit to Xi’s Beijing mansion, Xi told Theis that Chinese space technology is so superior to America’s that he can easily put Trump in a Chinese rocket and send Trump to Pluto.


Getting back to the antitrust issues invollving Facebook, ASR Sherman tells us that though Trump is very pro-business, he is very angry at Zuckerberg because he firmly believes that Zuckerberg is a closet Democrat.


Associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, who covers Congress for us, is certain that Congress will fail to break up Facebook’s monopoly because Members of Congress are far too busy figuring out what to about Trump’s personal lawyer, William Barr.