Trump on Maximum Security

Now that Joe Biden has, at long last, announced, in his typically bombastic way, that he’s the best Democrat to defeat Donald Trump in 2020, it’s clear that it’s a horse race to win the Democratic nomination.


But that didn’t stop Trump from weighing in on what happened yeseterday in the Kentucky Derby.


Trump, angry and immature as always, tweeted that Maximum Security should have won the race after he was disqualified. 


As the whole world knows by now, there’s something really wrong with Donald Trump — so vain, so insecure, so grandiose, so tempestuous. In 2016, the Times’ brilliant David Brooks said Trump thinks and acts like a four year-old. 


As evidence of that, we offer simply that Trump — who is supposed to be doing good for our nation, only he never ever does — tweeted that the decision to disqualify Maximum Security was evidence of political correctness (


Trump’s conviction that Maximum Security should have won is based on his own obsession for maximum border security. He insists on maximum security at our southern border, but he’s going about it completely the wrong way, by blessing us with a thirty-five day government shutdown for a border fence which is unrealistic.


After Maximum Security was disqualified, Country House, a real long shot at 65-1, was declared the winner. That’s when associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones shoved Trump aside and took center stage, tweeting that Trump should permanently retire to his version of a country house at Mar-a-Lago or Bedminister.