Schiff, Romney Both Trump Giuliani

Just as we thought that Rudy Giuliani might be heading back to Gotham, all of a sudden, there he was again, demonstrating his total lack of moxie by saying there’s nothing wrong with taking info from Russia (


Rudy was trying to dump on one of his opponents in 2008, Sen. Mitt Romney, after Mitt appropriately said he was sickened by the manifest dishonesty carefully and scrupulously outlined in the Mueller Report.


Not exactly to Mitt’s rescue, but, rather, making a very appropriate corrective, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-California) once again elucidated the clear collusion between Vlad Putin and Donnie Trump (


We must remember that it was Romney, as a presidential candidate in 2012, who said that the greatest threat to the United States was from Russia.


So associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith went directly to Romney, urging him to become a Democrat.


“Thanks for the invitation, Melissa, but no, I would never leave the Republican faith."