Isolationist Trump's Plans for Afghani Women After the Taliban Takes Over Afghanistan

Donald Trump is a misogynist. He only likes women if they are gorgeous and willing to submit to his constant need to display his high-level of testosterone to them (


For almost eighteen years, the United States has been fighting the Taliban — for good reason. But now, we are negotiating with them (they call themselves The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) to end our war in Afghanistan. The Afghan government isn’t even part of those conversations.


Why are we negotiating, in Qatar, with the Taliban, without our Afghan allies at the table? Because Americans are impatient and war-weary; and Trump (Mr. Fortress America) has a strong isolationist streak.


The Taliban is currently lead by هبت الله اخونزاده‎  (Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada), who is based in Queta, Pakistan, in the Baluchistan region of Pakistan.


The Taliban, a mililtant, highly misguided Sunni group which enforces very strict Sharia, has been infamously cruel to women. They can’t go to school. And Afghanistan is a tribal country.


Your solitary reporter’s New Hampshire senior senator, Democrat Jeanne Shaheen (who, as Governor, ensured the nomination of Al Gore over Sen. Bill Bradley to oppose Bush Two in 2000, because of the Granite State’s quadrennial first in the nation presidential primary) is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and, in that capacity, she recently questioned Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, about Trump’s plans to leave Afghanistan.


In particular, Sen. Shaheen is very concerned, as we all should be, about what the Taliban will do to women once they take over Afghanistan (


So Pompeo hemmed and hawed and told the good senator that they’re concerned about that.


Our chief international correspondent, associate solitary reporter Larry Theis, who is fluent in both Dari and Pashto, as well as Arabic, confronted Pompeo after his testimony before Sen. Shaheen and Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jim Risch (R-Idaho).


“Say Mikey,” Theis began, “whatcha gonna do to protect women once the Taliban take over, after we pull out?”


“Larry,” Pompeo replied, “we’ll just let them stay in their burqas and never leave their homes."