After Throwing His ICE Nominee Under the Bus, Trump Picks Arpaio

Donald Trump evidently would not have made it out of the 2016 GOP primary if he not based his entire campaign on trashing immigrants. Trump loves being more xenophobic than anyone.


Today, he suddenly announced that he has withdrawn his nomination of Ron Vitiello to be the permanent head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (


“We want to go in a tougher direction,” Trump said as he headed to the border once again to get in front of the cameras and make misleading statements designed to throw red meat to his base.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with Trump as he made the announcement. Socially fearless, she immediately asked him who he’s going to nominate to run ICE.


“That’s easy, Johanna,” Trump said. “There’s only one sensible choice, and that’s Joe Arpaio.”


For 24 years, Arpaio was the obnoxiously outspoken Sheriff of Maricopa County (Phoenix), where he was nationally known for his cruelty to immigants, and for brutality to inmates, and he was convicted of contempt of court for violating a federal court order requiring him to stop. He was a leader of Trump’s birther movement, and Trump pardoned him in 2017.


Tucson-based associate solitary reporter Jim Mulrooney asked the 86-year old Arpaio about being picked to help Trump police our southern border. 


“I’ve been wanting this job all my life,” Arpaio said. “Every illegal I catch, I’m gonna make ‘em wear pink undies and I’ll turn 'em into slave labor and waterboard ‘em."