How Huckabee Sanders Shows Her Total Reverence for Trump

Before yesterday’s press conference, Donald Trump’s chief mouthpiece, Sarah Sanders, had been AWOL for forty-two days because she had held no press conferences, especially after former Trump fixer Michael Cohen’s truthful testimony about Trump.


Then yesterday, she told White House reporters that Democrats are anti-Semitic and that Democrats want to rip fetuses out of their mothers’ wombs (


During that news conference, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones asked Huckabee Sanders whether she truly loves her job.


“Damn straight I do, Jones,” Sanders yelled. “It’s how I show Mr. Trump that I always have his back, that I am absolutely his most loyal servant.”


Sanders then told ASR Jones that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is assured of re-election to his fifth term because he hasn’t actually been investigated for official corruption. 


To a person, all the White House reporters gave Jones a standing ovation, which produced a scathing rebuke from Sanders.