National Dems Demand Continuation of Mueller Investigation Into 2020, and Beyond

There are indications that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to deliver a Report to Donald Trump’s newest Attorney General, William Barr (and that Barr won’t let us see the full Report).


Trump has been yelling for a long time now that the Mueller Investigation is a witch hunt, even though he has never known witch way is up or which way is down. And as he loves to scorn Eastern elitists, he never goes to Massachusetts, where 19 people — five men and fourteen women — were hanged on charges of practising witchcraft in 1692 and 1693, in Puritan Massachusetts.


Mueller’s persona is the total opposite of Trump’s. Mueller’s a Republican and he has kept an appropriately low profile, never granting interviews, while Trump, who pretends to be a Republican even though he’s highjacked the GOP, is at a loss as to what to do with himself if he can’t be throwing red meat to his base at his rallies, where he gets his biggest applause lines by attacking Mueller and his first AG, Jeff Sessions.


Earlier today, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones sought counsel from DNC Chair Tom Perez about the future of the Democratic Party after Mueller.


Perez’ response was crisp and to the point.


“Johanna,” he said, “first, I want to thank you for being such a good mole for us.”


“Now as to what we do after Mueller delivers his Report to Barr: I just spoke with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They’re going to introduce legislation requiring the continuation of Mueller’s Investigation through December 2020, and beyond.”


“That’s because there are so many terrible things that Trump has done to harm our country, that no Special Counsel, no Independent Prosecutor, could ever manage to detail everything that he’s done wrong.”


“If we can’t have a continuatin of Mueller’s Investigation for many years to come, it will be 'Unhappy Days Are Here Again'.”


After ASR Jones told associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith about her conversation with Perez, ASR Smith checked in with the campaign managers of all 200 Democratic presidential candidates, and they all agreed that it’s essential to continue Mueller’s work way past November 2020.