Michelle Obama Is Running for President

There are now ten declared Democratic candidates running for president and against each other and against Donald Trump. All ten have held elected office.


Donald Trump had never been elected to anything before 2016.


Which is why associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, a veteran observer of Democratic politics, was not surprised when he met earlier today with former FLOTUS Michelle Robinson Obama, the most beautiful woman in America — as anyone who has seen the book cover of her memoir, Becoming, can easily tell.


“Keith, I am both an outsider and an insider, because I know presidential politiics inside and out, but I grew up as a total outsider to politics on Euclid Avenue in Chicago. Yes, I have never actually run for public office — but Donald Trump is so out of shape, I doubt he could even run from one hole to another on one of his exclusive golf courses.”


“In the fitness business, I am way ahead of Trump — and I always tell the truth.”


As Coleman watched, a very large, very multi-racial crowd cheered and pledged their undying support to Michelle.


That crowd was more than twice as large as the crowd that waited in the cold on January 20, 2009, when her husband, Barack Obama, was inaugurated as our 44th president.


Colburn pledged to Michelle that he will be her unpaid campaign adviser. And associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson will be her chief strategist.