Congress Abolishes Presidents' Day; Trump Wants Hannity to be His UN Ambassador

Given that Donald Trump is no longer a citizen of the United States in good standing (, Congress has abolished Presidents’ Day. This news was conveyed to us by associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith.


Though the Republicans hold a slim majority in the Senate, enough of them are distressed by Trump’s usurpation of executive power that even Colorado’s endangered junior senator, Cory Gardner, voted with House Democrats to abolish the holiday.


Trump’s having trouble filling the position of Ambassador to the United Nations. Heather Nauert, Trump’s nominee to succeed Nicki Haley, has withdrawn her name from consideration.


Nauert had been a hostess on Fox & Friends, and then she became spokeswoman for Mike Pompeo’s State Department. She has no diplomatic experience.


So now Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney is making haste to find somebody else.


When associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones spotted Fox News’ Sean Hannity huddled with Mulvaney early this morning, it didn’t take her long to figure out that Trump fully intends to nominate Hannity to the all-important UN post.


Trump really wanted to put Ivanka there, but then he lamely said he couldn’t do that because he would be accused of nepotism. How ironic, since his immediate family members are the only people in his inner circle whom he trusts.