AMA Prez Set to Expel Trump's WH Doc

Two days ago, Donald Trump’s personal physician, US Navy Commander Dr. Sean Conley, said that Trump is in good health (


"Not so fast, Dr. Conley,” AMA President Barbara L. McAneny said when she was interviewed over the weekend by associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman.


“I mean, Susanna, the man weighs about 238 pounds, has a terrible diet, and doesn’t get near enough exercise for a man who is 72.”


“Not only that, Susanna,” Dr. McAneny continued, “he tried his damndest to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, which has saved countless

lives — and he clearly doesn’t give a crap about the least and the lost, who desperately need good health care.”


“So we here at the AMA are taking immediate steps to expel Dr. Conley from our organization, which is the oldest organization of physicians in the United States, with well over 240,000 members."


ASR Sherman promptly reported her conversation with Dr. McAneny to DNC Chair Tom Perez.


Perez has his hands full, as there are now nine declared Democratic presidential candidates, as well as 176 men and women who have filed with the FEC, but who have yet to announce. Most prominent of these is Ken “Free Hugs Guy” Nwadike Jr., a documentary fiilmaker and peace activist whose platform includes making Denver political activist Sue Kenworthy as his Secretary of Peace or, failing that, as his Ambassador to Bulgaria.


There are, of course, among those 176, fourteen men and women who already have PACs, including coy Beto as well as seventy-seven year old Bernie, a self-described Democratic Socialist. Bernie’s not a Democrat, but he sure gave HRC a run for her money in 2016.