Why Trump Insists That His Discredited WH Doc Conduct His Annual Physical on Friday

Donald Trump says he loves our military and our veterans.


He is scheduled for his annual physical at Walter Reed Medical Center on Friday.


Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson is an emergency room physician. He has served as White House physician to President Obama and to Trump.


In March, Trump nominated Dr. Jackson to be his Secretary of Veterans Affairs, but Jackson withdrew from consideration after allegations surfaced in April to the effect that he had engaged in misconduct, including the improper dispensing of medications, drinking on the job, and that he lacked management experience. He returned to duty with the White House Medical Unit, but he no longer serves as Trump’s physician. The Pentagon is investigating the allegations that tubed his nomination to head the VA.


Dr. Jackson said, on the occasion of Trump's annual physical last year, that Trump has “great genes," while at the same time glossing over Trump’s notoriously bad diet, failure to exericse, and his obesity.


That’s why Trump has promoted Jackson to be his chief medical adviser (https://www.politico.com/story/2019/02/02/trumps-annual-physical-1144282).


As White House physician, Admiral Jackson conducted President Obama’s annual physical. It takes only two seconds to look at President Obama and compare his health to Trump’s.


Associate solitary reporter Anderson Colby, who is an emergency room physician, responded to the news of Trump’s insistence that Admiral Jackson conduct his annual physical.


“Trump’s an emergency, all right,” Dr. Colby said, “and he’s likely to need emergency room services for his noticeably poor health, any moment now."