After Throwing Pelosi Off the Bus, Trump Undergoes Neurosurgery

Yesterday, the woman who is third in line to assume the presidency of the United States was on a bus on a once-secret expedition to Brussels and Afghanistan.


Nancy Pelosi is in the process of disinviting Donald Trump to give his State of the Union speech on January 29.


Had Pelosi and her fellow Congresspersons been allowed by Trump to make the trip, they would have returned to our Capitol in only a few days.


But Trump is notoriously vindictive, and he is p____d at Pelosi for telling him that if he really wants his photo-op stunt on January 29, he damn well better pay for the government security that would be needed to get him from his Oval Office to the Capitol, a distance of about a mile.


So Trump retaliated by breaking all protocol and telling his military to make the Air Force bus that Pelosi and her Congressional colleagues were on, turn around and return to the  Capitol — where photogs recorded their descent from the bus. Trump told Pelosi she could fly commericially if she wishes — totally ignoring the fact that the Speaker was headed for a war zone (Trump was recently in Iraq, where, as usual, he made false claims about how our military has defeated ISIS).


Our lawmakers are miserable because of Trump — especially Republicans (


As soon as she got off Trump’s government bus, Speaker Pelosi told associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith that she has hired Colin O’Brady to get her to Afghanistan.


O’Brady was interviewed on yesterday’s PBS News Hour by long-time PBS reporter Jeffrey Brown.


Last month, O’Brady, guided by his wife, Jenna Besaw, completed the unspeakably dangerous trip from one part of Antarctica to another. He pulled a heavy sled that contained his supplies. On the PBS News Hour, numeroius photos were shown — taken by someone — of O’Brady enduring fierce cold and fiercer winds. It took O"Brady 53 days to come ever so close to death, but he survived.


When associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson interviewed O’Brady and Besaw half an hour ago, Thompson, a ferocious pursuer after the truth, asked them whether they are willing to sign up to help Pelosi get to Afghanistan.


The couple threw darts at Thompson for asking them a political question.


Elsewhere, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones observed Trump throwing a hissy-fit after she told him that a federal judge has ruled against Wisconsin GOP legislative leaders who pulled a fast one after they lost the governor’s race in November.


On November 6, 2018, Democrat Tony Evers, the elected Superintendant of Public Instruction, defeated former GOP presidential candidate and former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Within a few days, the GOPs in the Badger State’s legislature passed legislation designed substantially to reduce the power of Governow-elect Evers to do his job.


But yesterday, a federal judge called a halt to that obviously political stunt. That’s why ASR Jones saw Trump throwing one of his daily temper tantrums.


Last week, ASR Jones, who is with Trump 24/7, noticed that Trump awoke last Tuesday attempting to think — something he is known to do very rarely. But just yesterday, Jones saw Trump in his meltdown about the Wisconsin lawsuit.


ASR Jones is a very compassionate person. Concnerd about Trump, she called Surgeon General Jerome Adams, a former protege of then Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, to take care of Trump. Adams, an anesthesiologist and a vice admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service, rushed to Trump’s side and immediately administred laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to put Trump to sleep ahead of the neurosurgery which Admiral Adams (who was appointed by Trump) performed to remove whatever part of Trump’s brain makes him lie and tweet and erupt in totally mendacious blatherings where he usually falls face-down in a face plant.  


As scrupulously resarched by ASR Jones, Vice Admiral Adams attended medical school for four years at New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York. He then spent five years at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, where he completed a four-year surgical residency, followed by a five-year fellowship in neurosurgery.


Dr. Adams invited ASR Jolnes to observe his surgery on Mr. Trump. Adams, who served as Public Health Commmissioer in Indiana, worked away for half an hour and then suddenly told ASR Jones that contrary to expectations, Trump has no brain.


That’s when Pence panicked and told First Daughter Ivanka to call Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. Falwell teleported himself to the White House from Lynchburg in a mere ten minutes and told Ivanka that he and Pence and Energy Secretary Rick Perry, all fervent evangelicals, would pray Trump’s brain back into existence.


After Trump miraculously recovered because of their very earnest prayers, Health and Human Services Secretery Alex Azar asked Trump for permission to authorizxe pay for his 79,540 employees, all of whom Trump furloughed on December 22.


“Sir,” Azar pleaded, “all I want to do is to document the miracle which Rev. Falwell, Mr. Pence, and Secretary Perry witnessed, because only hours ago, you had no brain, but now you do.”


Trump barked out to Azar, “Absolutely not! I’m holding HHS hostage to Pelosi, and you gotta help me, and if you don’t do exactly what I say, you’re goin' the way of your predecessor Tom Price, which is the same way that General Kelly went, Gary Cohn, Comey, Sessions, everybody who crossed me.”


Thus humiliated, Azar resigned on the spot and caught the first plane to Indianapolis, where he went back to work for Eli Lilly and Company, a major pharmaceutical company, where he had been its senior lobbyist.