Trump Fires Perry Because of Former Lone Star State's Governor to Build a Wall Between Brownsville and El Paso

In Japan, the United States has many military bases: 32 Navy, 20 Air Force, 17 Marine Corps, and 15 Army — from Hokkaido to Okinawa. That’s a total of 84 military and naval bases.


Donald Trump’s first foreign visitor on November 9, 2016, was Japan’s Prime Minister, Abe Shinzo. PM Abe was justifiably concerned about North Korea’s missiles visiting his country, especially Hokkaido.


It is not clear whether Trump likes Abe, because he has done a great deal of yelling about whether our allies, such as Japan and Germany, pay us enough for the military presence of the United States on their soil.


Trump likes women — though only on his own terms.


He may or may not like geishas. Geishas are not prostitutes, though Westerners have rarely understood that, so Trump probably thinks that they are. Our increasingly large corps of associate solitary reporters has not yet been able to ask Michael Cohen about that. But if we could ask Cohen about that, we’re sure that Cohen would say that Trump would find the kimono and obi to be an obstruction.


Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG & E), headquarted in San Francisco, provides gas and electric service to most of northern California — where wildfires have killed many people as well as destroying many homes.


On Sunday, Cuban-born Geisha Jimenez Williams, the president and CEO of PG&E, resigned, as PG&E announced that it will file for bankruptcy by the end of this month. Williams is the first Latina to lead a major US energy company.


Trump has a really hard time keeping people working for him at the highest levels.


As associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones stood next to him, Trump tweeted that he’s firing fifth-generation Texan Rick Perry, his Secretary of Energy, because Perry was the governor of Texas for over fourteen years and, during that time, Perry didn’t build a wall from El Paso to Brownsville.


When associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman asked Perry why he was being fired, Perry said he didn’t know, because he hadn’t heard anything about it.


Perry ran for president of the United States in 2012 and in 2016.


ASR Jones told ASR Sherman that Trump had, only this morning, told her, “Johanna, I’ve filed for bankruptcy many times, because I know how to do that in my own interest, and I want to give Geisha a second chance, but only if she’s what I think a geisha is — plus, I will need to win California for my second, third, and fourth terms, especially against a dynamite candidate like Kamala Harris.”


Associate solitary reporter Shoshanah Steinberg, a long-time San Francisco resident who has known Geisha Williams for many years, talked with Williams yesterday. Steinberg texted us, saying that Williams looks forward to telling Trump that he has the absolutely worst energy policy that the United States has ever had.


And associate solitary reporter Philomena Malinowski, a longtime and very astute observer of Texas politics, says Perry, a hard-core evangelical who was a Democrat until 1989, will, as of tomorrow, lead a massive prayer service in Houston, in which he’ll pray before at least 50,000 people for all the families which have been separated at our southern border at Trump’s insistence.


As ASR Jones once again walked into Trump’s Oval Office, uninvited, she found Trump foaming at the mouth over today’s decision by federal judge Jesse Furman that Trump’s decision to require a citizenship question in the 2020 census is unlawful.