Trump's At The Kremlin, Escaping From His Millions of American Critics

When Mitt Romney ran for president against President Obama in 2012, he said Russia was our most dangerous adversary — but that remark was greeted with skepticism.


Clearly, Mitt is ever so much smarter than Donald Trump.


Seems that Trump is so close to Vladimir Putin that he doesn’t want anybody to know how very deferential he is to Russia’s dictator. See


There have been reports that he made the translator for his disastrous Helsinki meeting with Putin give him her notes so nobody would ever see them. His top foreign policy aides don’t know what he and Putin discussed, but Putin sure does.


He doesn’t seem to mind that Putin grabbed Crimea.


He’s pulling our military out of Syria to please Vlad, while Pompeo et al are desperately trying to walk back his tweets.


And now he’s threatening Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan with massive economic sanctions if Erdogan won’t promise to be half-way civil to the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in Syria, who have been our steadfast allies in the war against ISIS. He did that in a tweet, but diplomacy by tweets doesn’t work well at all.


Moments ago, associate solitary reporter Foma Kheroshonsky was not surprised to see Trump being warmly greeted at the Kremlin by Putin.


“Vlad, old buddy,” Trump said, “If it weren’t for my close friendship with you, I just wouldn’t know what to do with myself!”


Putin smiled and escorted Trump to a sumptuous room with a very large TV screen, where a very attractive young Russian woman slipped a DVD into the TV so Trump could watch the 1963 James Bond movie, “From Russia With Love."