Trump Wails Like a Baby Inside Kushner's Wall As Trump Is Deserted by 'Most Everybody

Last day of the year, and we’re worse off by far than we were on this day two years ago.


When is a Trump Wall a real wall?


Kellyanne Conway is really p____d at John Kelly, but Kelly is experiencing what must be the best day in his life, now that he’s going to walk out of Donald Trump’s White House as a free man.


Trump wants everyone in his base to think he’s making a great sacrifice by staying in his White House and skipping his Mar-a-Lago vacation, but he's Walled himself off from anybody who could help him out of his Deep Funk.


As Trump’s Campaign Manager in 2016, Conway, who coined the phrase “the hidden Trump voter,” helped Trump convince Trumpians in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to leave their senses and vote for a man who got their votes because he stoked their anger.


Kelly, Trump’s first Homeland Security Secretary and then his second Chief of Staff, gave an interview to The Los Angeles Times in which he said that when he was Secretary of Homeland Security, the Trump Administration never intended to put a physical wall on our southern border (  


Then Conway, interviewed by CNN’s Dana Bash, unleashed typically Conwayesque invective against Kelly and the Democrats:


Shortly after the Bash interview, Conway tried to see Trump so he could lavish praise on her, only to find out that he was behind a wall that Son-in-Law-in-Chief Jared Kushner had erected. Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was inside Kushner’s Wall and heard Conway pleading to be let it.


As Kushner yelled at Conway to go home and not come back, Jones heard Trump wail like a baby because nobody except Jared and Ivanka love him.


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman spoke with Kelly moments ago to ask whether Apocryphal Press could publish Kelly’s tell-all book, but Kelly, a true military man, remained silent.