Iraqi President and Dem Leaders in DC Plan to Keep Trump in Iraq

Donald Trump and Melania are in Iraq, supposedly for a very short time, for a pep talk with our troops there.


The man who criticized President Obama for everything Barack ever said or did is pulling our forces out of Syria.


And when Bashar al-Assad and his Russian thugs and ISIS take over parts of Syria that we are soon to be leaving, what’s gonna happen in western Iraq, adjacent to Syria? ISIS used to be very well acquainted with a lot of Iraq, and it still has sleeper cells there.


So Trump’s talking to implausibly happy American soldiers about how he’s not gonna change his mind about Syria.


But he changes his mind every five minutes.


Our associate solitary reporter in the MIddle East, Aziz Mustafa, just spoke with Iraqi President Barham Salih.


“Aziz,” President Salih began, “I think you will find what I am about to tell you rather interesting."


“One hour ago, I was on a conference call with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, soon to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.”


“They said, 'Barham old buddy, it’s your country, and Trump went there without any permission from you, so we want you to keep him there.'”


“So, Aziz, of course I readily agreed.”


“I may have some interference from the Secret Service and the American military, but I’ll do my best.”


“We’re working right now on where to keep him.”


“Naturally, Abu Ghraib came in first.”