Trudeau Vows to Build a Beautiful Wall Between the US and Canada

Christmas Eve, 2018


For reasons which perplex us here at AP ad infinitum, Donald Trump is a very proud man.


He said he’s proud to have shut down a major part of the government.


Though it’s very easy to see that there is absolutely no basis for his pride — unless you’re part of his base.


We well know that this seems arrogant, but Trump’s base is ignorant and proud of it — though we have a few really good friends who voted for him, yet all of them regret it — we hope, trust, and pray.


Trump has not the faintest idea how to pray.


That’s because he’s so good at preying on people.


Ruthless, in fact. That goes Right along with his classic narcissistic personality disorder and his obsessive compulsive disorder.


He’s home alone at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — where Beto or somebody will be living come January 20, 2021.


In yesterday’s Politico, John Bresnahan and Jake Sherman totally and completely nailed it: “The ‘all-I-want-for-Christmas-is-$5-billion-for-the-wall’ shutdown" (


It’s Trump’s third government shutdown, and he’s mighty proud of it.


Edmonton Mayor and associate solitary reporter Gary Zeman spoke, moments ago, with his close personal friend, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau is not happy with Trump for imposing heavy tariffs on Canadian products.


“Gary, I’ve had enough of Trump’s paranoid stupidities.”


Zeman nodded in agreement.


Mon ami, nous allons construire un tres beau mur entre les Etats-Unis et notre pays, et il faut bien que tu m’aide pour accomplir cette lourde tache.” ("Gary, we are going to build a very beautiful wall between the United States and our country, and I absolutely need your help to get this very tough job done.")


Zeman, who is fluent in French, and who lived for many years in Quebec City, nodded in agreement, and pledged to do whatever he can to get the job done for Canada. Zeman was mayor for many years in Brome, in Quebec (population 274), where the only language spoken is French.