Yankees' President Randy Levine for Chief of Staff?

Our Denier-in-Chief, who is the same person as our Liar-in-Chief, says he’s having no trouble at all finding a new Chief of Staff after Nick Ayers sensibly turned him down.


And now Donald Trump’s thinking of bringing in New York Yankees’ President Randy Levine to take the most impossible job in Washington. Levine says that rumors along those lines have come out of left field (https://www.politico.com/story/2018/12/11/trump-media-chief-of-staff-search-1055434).


Trump’s maladroitness in how to wear a necktie (usually a red one) is matched only by his total inability to organize anyone or anything in a sensible manner. He's clearly worried that with the Dems about to take over the House, he’ll be impreached.


Senator No from Obama days, Mitch McConnell, will see to it that if the House impeaches the Denier-in-Chief, Trump will end up the same way Bill Clinton did in 1999.


Meanwhile, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who spends much more time with Trump than Melania does, tells us that any day now, Surgeon General Jerome Adams will be sending Trump to the nearest psychiatric ward in Washington, most likely the Psychiatric Institute of Washington.


And then Ivanka and Jared will do what little they can to invoke the 25th Amendment.


Anyone who wants to know about Mike Pence should read The Shadow President: The Truth About Mike Pence, by best-selling authors Michael D’Antonio and Peter Eisner.