Trump Celebrates Pearl Harbor Day By Telling Mattis to Nuke Kim Jongun

On this day seventy-seven years ago, the Empire of Japan made an unprovoked attack on Hawaii.


It is more and more widely acknowledged that Donald Trump is a very confused man who insists at all times on being the Center of Attention, especially when TV cameras are nearby.


For example, today, knowing full well that more anti-Trump, pro-Mueller news is in the offing, he announced that Heather Nauert — a former Fox & Friends hostess with no mostest — a woman with no diplomatic experience at all — is the woman he wants to replace future GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley at the UN.


Haley’s a woman of color, but Nauert is not.


Japan’s Prime Minister, Abe Shinzo, was the first foreign leader to visit Trump after Trump got himself elected to a job for which he has never been qualified.


That’s because Abe knows full well that North Korea’s top guy, Kim Jongun, has nukes that could devastate most of Japan as well as portions of our Left Coast.


Abe has been getting along reasonably well with Trump, so today, in partial penitence for what Japanese war planes inflicted on Pearl Habor in 1941, he told Trump that Kim’s building even more holding facilities north of the 38th parallel, for his rockets and nukes.


Being a man who has a considerable residue of naivete, Trump told his Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, to launch Plan C against Kim.


Associate solitary reporter Kim Il-sung is, therefore, in Beijing, where he is in the process of convincing Xi Jingping to rush to Pyongyang and do to Kim what Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman did to WaPo contributor Jamal Khashoggi.


To sum up, yet another totally boring day on the world stage.